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There be weird monsters beyond this point and most of them go by names such as Teahadists, Palibanists, Morans, Goposaurs, Tealiban, and Al-Qrazy. I'll share some of the silliest ones who deserve to have a light shined on their stupidity.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Crazy on Crazy Attack Politics

It's crazy on crazy down there in the brain-frying heat of Arizona. On one side you have a crazy ass nut job who thinks gay marriage will lead to people marrying their horses, and running against him is John McCain who wasn't sane enough to realize Sarah Palin put the crazed in crazy. It all comes together in a campaign ad against Hayworth put out by the McCain campaign. It's looking good for Democrats unless the sun has fried people's brains so completely that they actually consider there to be a serious choice between the two Goposaurs. In that case, well the crazy people have to all live somewhere and Arizona is good for that.

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