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There be weird monsters beyond this point and most of them go by names such as Teahadists, Palibanists, Morans, Goposaurs, Tealiban, and Al-Qrazy. I'll share some of the silliest ones who deserve to have a light shined on their stupidity.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

There's xmas crap in the store already!

Any day now the hysterical talking heads on the hatestream media will be hysterically whining about the mythical war on xmas. I consider it my patriotic duty to fight back, since they're the ones who call it a "war."

First, to really make their heads explode, a lovely little holiday tune that about sums up how I feel about their stupid made up holiday to make the supersitious masses buy their cheap crap. Enjoy!

And then, because part of the "war" is fighting with things and over things and about things, I want my things to win over their things. So here's some anti-christmas "ornaments" to stick on your poles to wave around as you take to the streets for the annual war on xmas.

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