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There be weird monsters beyond this point and most of them go by names such as Teahadists, Palibanists, Morans, Goposaurs, Tealiban, and Al-Qrazy. I'll share some of the silliest ones who deserve to have a light shined on their stupidity.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Evolve, you effing morons!

You know they dumped you on us. Every damn country at some point in time, got sick of your meddling crap and decided to round  you and your whack job crazy fellow cult members up and ship you off to America.  We don't mind a little crazy here, but this inflexibly insane shit is way too much.

And this whole victim thing. It's the age old whine of the asshole. Treat everyone like shit, kill them if they refuse to join your cults, interfere in their lives and infect their politics with your extreme religious crap, and then wahhhh..claim you don't understand why everyone wants to ship you off to another planet.

 And you're such cruel teases. Every few months you get our hopes up with this rapture crap and then we wake up and you're still here. Not even your own gods want to spend eternity with you, so that leaves one option you might consider. Learn to walk upright. It's a lot easier on the knuckles. It's called evolution and it's really catching on in the civilized parts of the country, so you might have to leave places like Texas and most of those humid mosquito breeding ponds you call home if you want to join the party. That way you'll quit dragging everyone else down with your ignorance.

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