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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Congressional Sheeple

More than once over the last few days, as I watched the sideshow in Congress play out over raising the debt ceiling, the blurring of the line between church and state became increasingly obvious. It no longer was a battle between political parties; it was now a battle to inflict one group's religious dogma on everyone else.

Anyone who has ever attempted the futile task of trying to inject reason and logic into an argument with a fundamentalist whack job, soon realized there was no room left for anything else inside that wandering wasteland that passed for a Religidiot's cranium.

It's a dead zone in there, a hellhole filled with fear, misinformation, outright lies, and a belief that only unreal things like talking snakes and imaginary playmates can save them from all the other scary voices in their heads.

And because such stupidity has always been easily channeled into a movement to be used, abused, and eventually slaughtered, religidiots fill the seats in Congress and other political offices where a useful moron is required to pass someone else's agenda.

But of course, religion is the biggest someone else's agenda ever invented. It's been used to start and continue wars, destroy countries, enemies, competitors, rivals, and anything that didn't fit some power elite's plan to wipe the earth with his insatiable greed.

Religion has always served as the ultimate provider of non-thinking, obedient, unquestioning sheeple for the real rulers of the universe to achieve that wiping.

Without religion teaching them they have no business thinking for themselves when there's smart, rich people who will do it for them, there would be no tea party sheeple.

And without religion there might be a chance of swaying them to the side of reasonable compromise, to get them off their knees and look into the face of facts instead of manipulative lies and propaganda.

But as the Republicans who courted these fanatics learned when they stupidly recruited them because they needed to up the body count enough to get re-elected,there's no negotiating with religious terrorists.

They'll take the country down with them before they deviate from the path they're nailed to because facts are, in their feeble little sheeple minds, dirty liberal lies.

They've been told this over and over again by hate radio and fake news, just as they were fed carefully selected parts of the bible by some self-serving preacher knowing exactly what words and phrases to use to get them to hate the right people and march eagerly to their own slaughter, and of course, donate to the "right" cause before they were sacrificed at the end of their usefulness.(George W and the evangelicals he used and then discarded.)

And now it might be too late to turn back, too late to move the country forward when it is so obviously sliding into banana republic status. It would take reasoning with people who will believe a talking jackass and born again zombies before they let anything resembling truth enter their pathetic little brains.

And unless the rest of the country wakes up, these religious crazies will have their end of the world fantasy they've spent decades building callouses on their knees to celebrate. They'll get their banana republic where they can shoot non-believers, gays, lesbians, black, brown, red, any color, any belief that is not non-white christian crazies.

They'll get their dumbing down of the population so completely that in decades to come, few will even know there was a time when not everyone was a superstitious moron picking fleas out of their shit-blocked ears.

Civilization will have to start again from the beginning as it always has after it let the crazies take over. It's called "evolution" and it's continual because every few centuries it once again becomes necessary due to the stupidity of humanity.

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